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Actions Matter – Sacred Sites

Our illustrious panel will be moderated by VALERIE PLAME and include:
former Secretary of the Interior SALLY JEWELL, environmental activist WINONA LADUKE, and former Congressman and Senator from Colorado, MARK UDALL.

Our fourth ACTIONS MATTER event will focus on the power of place and the need to protect Public Lands and Sacred Sites. In line with our mission to inform and educate, we hope this event will inspire you to consider the impact each of us might have if we take action.

For the next year, Silver Bullet Productions will take ACTION by creating awareness for New Mexico’s unique landscape and its connection to indigenous cultures. This project will provide educational workshops for students and teachers, as well as produce a documentary film about protecting sacred sites accompanied by a teaching guide created by students.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

6:00 pm – Wine Reception
7:00 pm – Panel Discussion

La Fonda on the Plaza

Reception and Panel $160

$135 is tax-deductible on each ticket purchase of $160. Silver Bullet Productions is a 501(c)3 organization.

As a business executive and public servant serving as U.S. Secretary of the Interior under President Obama, Sally Jewell focused on supporting a robust economy coupled with long-term sustainability of our natural world and its diverse people. During her tenure as Interior Secretary, Jewell used a science-based, landscape-level, collaborative approach to natural resources management. She was deeply engaged in rebuilding a trusting, nation-to-nation relationship with indigenous communities in the U.S., supporting opportunities for greater engagement in public land stewardship and providing improved educational opportunities for native youth. She worked with President Obama and his team on long-term conservation of our nation’s most vulnerable and irreplaceable natural, cultural and historical treasures, protecting more lands and waters than any other U.S. president in history.

Jewell has been committed to connecting people to nature, particularly youth. At Interior, she championed efforts to create engagement that encouraged young people to play, learn, serve and work on public lands. The creation of “Every Kid in a Park” program; employment opportunities for over 100,000 young people, she successfully connected people to their lands and heritage. She is committed to working with young people to explore opportunities to put their diverse skills to work in creating a future for our planet that is both economically successful and environmentally sustainable.

Winona LaDuke, enrolled with the Ojibwe Nation at an early age, but she did not live at White Earth, until 1982 when she started work at White Earth after she graduated college.

Winona is a rural development economist and author working on issues of Indigenous Economics, Food and Energy Policy. She co-founded Honor the Earth with the Indigo Girls, as a platform to raise awareness of and money for indigenous struggles for environmental justice. Globally and nationally, Winona is known as a leader in the issues of cultural-based sustainable development strategies, renewable energy, and sustainable food systems. She is one of the leaders in the work of protecting Indigenous plants and heritage foods from patenting and genetic engineering.

Mark Udall spent each summer of his youth in the Zuni Mountains near Thoreau NM. Part of his childhood was spent attending Hopi dances, camping all over the 4 Corners, and later exploring the Canyon with a 1200-mile circle walk in 2015. His first career was as an educator and mountain guide, and then Executive Director of Colorado Outward Bound. Mark joined Himalayan climbing expeditions to Nepal, India, Pakistan, Tibet, as well as expeditions to South America, Africa, and Alaska. An avid outdoorsman, Mark also served on boards whose missions were to protect natural resources and land.

Mark served as US Senator from Colorado until 2015, following his service in Congress to Colorado’s 2nd District. Throughout his career, he has supported renewable energy, protected our National Parks and natural resources. Chairman of the Sub Committee on National Parks, he was served on the Sub Committee for Public Lands. He joins other members of the Udall family who respect Native people and culture, and have loved the landscapes. Cousin to New Mexico’s Senator Tom Udall, and son of Morris “Mo” Udall, Mark is a member of the Udall Family, long protectors of the American West, who pay it forward publicly and privately.

A former career covert CIA operations officer, Valerie Plame worked to protect America’s national security and prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Valerie is the author of the New York Times best-selling memoir Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House, which was released as a major motion picture of the same name starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts.

SBP has a strong track record of raising awareness and stirring public interest through teaching and filmmaking. By supporting this timely project, you can make ACTIONS MATTER! 

Thank you to our sponsors:


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Past Events

And So We Walked, May 23

An Artist’s Journey Along the Trail of Tears

Written and Performed by DELANNA STUDI

A frank, heartwarming and inspiring story of a contemporary Cherokee woman and her father who embark on a 900-mile journey along the Trail of Tears to understand her identity and the conflicts remaining for this nation and the Cherokee nation.

This live performance is a powerful, multi-faceted dramatic memoir that conveys the complexities and conflict with which the Cherokee wrestle.

DeLanna Studi’s (Cherokee) Off-Broadway Debut in Informed Consent, at the Duke Theater on 42nd Street, was a New York Times Critics’ Pick, which described her performance as “moving gravity”. She was a company member of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she was one of only 10 Native people to have done so.





Jay Grodin Foundation

Indigenous Language Institute

Maura Dhu and Wes Studi

Jeffrey and Darlene Anderson

Defending the Fire free screening, March 22

Reel Deal Movie Theatre ~ 2551 Central Avenue, Los Alamos

Thursday, March 22 ~ Two Showings: 6:15 pm and 7:30 pm

Producer of Defending the Fire will be in the audience to answer questions

Free screening made possible by a grant from the LANL Foundation.

Actions Matter, November 2017

Thank you to all who attended and support our Filmmaking Workshops for Education.

Panelists Bill Richardson and Sam Donaldson, Moderated by Julie Mason, Introduced by Mayor Javier Gonzales

Julie Mason is the host of Sirius XM Radio’s Press Pool, has 30 years of experience covering state & national politics, including four presidential campaigns. Julie was White House reporter at POLITICO, the Washington Examiner and the Houston Chronicle.

With more than 30 years of government experience, Bill Richardson is a frequent contributor for numerous network news programs including Meet the Press and This Week with George Stephanopoulos. He has served as United States Ambassador to the United Nations from 1997–2000 and Governor of New Mexico from 2003–2010.

A former reporter and news anchor serving with ABC News from 1967 to 2013, Sam Donaldson is best known as the network’s White House Correspondent (1977–89 and 1998–99.) Sam has covered every presidential election during that time beginning in 1964. 

Silver Bullet Productions gratefully acknowledges these sponsors for their generous contributions to New Mexico educational film projects and to this Actions Matter event.

Jay Grodin

SJ and Mildred Whalen

Flying Fox Farms LLC
The Fort Sill Apache Tribe

Movie Music Event, April 19

Thank you for making this Scholarship Event for Silver Bullet Productions such a success:
Vanessie, Doug Montgomery, Elizabeth Young, Maura Studi
and the Development and Event Leaders of SBP!

Defending the Fire Premiere Screening

What a wonderful evening! Wednesday, March 29 we held the premiere screening of Defending the Fire at the charming Jean Cocteau Theater. Special THANK YOUs go out to all: First to the special audience of those in the film, including artists and advisors. Second to a sold out audience of ticket holders, interested in the topic of the Warrior, and supportive of Silver Bullet Productions’ projects.

Thank you for the Jean Cocteau for sponsoring the night.

Advisory members: Associate Producers Dr. Matthew Martinez (Ohkay Owingeh) and Jhane Meyers (Comanche/Blackfeet); Mescalero Apache ; The Goodluck Family, Kathy Whitman Elk Woman

Question and Answer after the film: Wes Studi (cherokee), Chairman Jeff Haozous (Ft. Sill Apache) John Baillon (Dine’/Santo Domingo)

Special thanks to photographer Linda Lynn Carfagno


Screenings at Roanoke College, March 2017

Pam Pierce, CEO and Producer, visited her Alma Mater, Roanoke College in Virginia, to screen SBP’s films Canes of Power and A Thousand Voices. Pam was the Keynote Speaker for the Women’s Forum at Roanoke. In addition to working with students, Pam was honored to meet with Asst. Chief Brad Brown and Kathleen Brown of the recent Federally recognized Pamunkey Tribe of Virginia.

The best part of the week was time with college friends, and talented students and faculty.

Words Matter, November 2016

Thank you to all who made our Words Matter event a success. The audience enhanced the knowledgable moderator – Sam Donaldson – and panelists – Julie Mason and Valerie Plame Wilson – by asking thoughtful questions. We will long remember the cogent and timely points made about the power of the rhetoric in the past year.

None of this would be possible without the generosity of our Sponsors and the tireless work of the SBP Board of Directors and Event Committee.

The full discussion has been provided to SIRIUSXM POTOS the Press Pool with Julie Mason for future broadcast.

Thank You To Our Lead Sponsor

La Fonda On the Plaza

Additional Sponsors We Wish to Thank
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The Fort Sill Apache Tribe

Jay Grodin Foundation

Charmay Allred

Cory Anne Charles & Giovanna Juliette Charles

“A Thousand Voices” Free Screening, November 2016

A Thousand Voices

In Honor of Native American Month Silver Bullet Productions Presented “A Thousand Voices” at Las Campanas Clubhouse.

From the proverb, “It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story.” This is the inspiring story of the power of Native American women in New Mexico, from the beginning of time, through invasions from Spain, Mexico, and the United States, to the present day. The power remains, the story continues.

Voices and advisors from the Apache tribes, Navajo tribe, Kiowa Tribe, Pueblo de Cochiti, Ohkay Owingeh, and the Pueblos of Acoma, Laguna, Jemez, Santo Domingo, Pojoaque, Santa Clara, Taos, Nambe, and San Ildefonso.