Silver Bullet Productions

Educational Filmmaking Program for New Mexico Communities

Silver Bullet Productions believes that relevant learning increases educational success for a community. “Relevancy” is when the teaching, skills, and materials are connected to a student’s culture and history, and will be useful learning tools immediately and in the future.

Eric Witt

Silver Bullet Productions lost a friend and gracious talent with the passing of Eric Witt. Many will remember and value Eric for his leadership in the film industry in New Mexico, providing credibility and economic strength to Film through incentives and fostering of film-related businesses. This part of Eric’s life is to be applauded, but he was so much more. Eric joined our Board in spite of the timing conflicts with Legislative challenges.

He continued to guide SBP’s actions in teaching and filming throughout production of three award-winning films, A Thousand Voices, Defending the Fire, and However Wide the Sky. As a Producer he gave substance and guidance without pay, generously and honestly.  SBP is a better organization because of Eric. Eric was awarded a much-deserved Emmy for his work on However Wide the Sky.

Eric’s family is encouraging continued support of the programs and films he believed were necessary for Native American growth in the film industry through donations. All Donations will be in Eric’s name, and will go toward the next SBP Documentary about Native American history and sovereignty. It is an honor to receive gifts that serve to remember the legacy of this gentle, generous, kind man. Donate here


We create relevant educational experiences in two ways:


We produce student workshops in writing and filmmaking, and we donate new camera equipment to the school. Students are able to continue practicing their story telling and preserving their cultural heritage through film.

We create award-winning documentaries that expose esoteric topics, shatter stereotypes and expand cultural preservation.

Do you want to see what Silver Bullet Productions does?

Enjoy this short film highlighting our work with students, communities, and network film production.

Thank you for your interest in cultural education. By supporting Silver Bullet Productions, you become part of the solution for educational challenges.

The entire process from Silver Bullet from start to finish was truly a joy. The professionalism, the courtesy, the minor and major details made me appreciate the documentary that much more. It has brought people together that normally would not have fellowship with one another.

This positive experience was life inspiring for several of my students. Not only were they given the opportunity to reflect on what our town really is, they were encouraged to think about their role in the community.