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Defending the Fire

Since the beginning of time, Native American Warriors have navigated a unique cultural and spiritual path, relying on the tenets of the Warrior in ancient and modern warfare.  With a focus on the spiritual and historic journey of Native American Warriors, Silver Bullet Productions will present the story of the Warrior, the importance of cultures in modern quests and the lessons of War through the lens of these cultures. Read more

“A Thousand Voices”

From the proverb, “It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story,” this is a documentary that builds from thousands of voices to present one universal story of New Mexico’s Native American women. Native American women have been purveyors of culture since creation. In spite of Western invasions, Native American women remain strong and grounded in traditional values by enduring courage and wisdom. Read more

“Canes of Power”

The Lincoln Canes documentary, “Canes of Power,” and the related educational program, provide the vehicle for Pueblo people to tell the story of the Canes, and the struggle for sovereignty, upon which cultural survival depends. Read more

“Ancient Pathways – Modern Leaders”

This 45 minute film was inspired by leaders of several of New Mexico’s Pueblos. It deals with the special and spiritual nature of leadership in New Mexico’s Pueblo nations. Read more

“The Pueblo of Zia: Home of the Sun Symbol”

The Zia Sun Symbol is a source of identity and pride for New Mexico. New Mexico Department of Indian Education requested SBP create a documentary to explain to children and adults its deep significance and history. Read more