Defending the Fire

DVDs and licenses available. Contact Pam Pierce for information at 505-820-0552 or

Since the beginning of time, Native American Warriors have navigated a unique cultural and spiritual path, relying on the tenets of the Warrior in ancient and modern warfare. The lessons of the Warrior are universal; the spirit of the Warrior survives, even in the face of conflict.

With a focus on the spiritual and historic journey of Native American Warriors, Silver Bullet Productions will present the story of the Warrior, the importance of cultures in modern quests, and the lessons of War through the lens of these cultures. The characters will be elders and historians from New Mexican tribes and Native veterans of World War II, and the Korean, Vietnam and Afghanistan/Iraq conflicts. Grounded in research and guided by voices of men and women in our armed forces, the documentary will reveal the distinct motive, preparation, conflict, and healing of tribal soldiers.

Defending the Fire Screening at Pocahontas Reframed, November 18

A Thousand Voices

Defending the Fire is an official selection of the 2018 Pocahontas Reframed: Storytellers Film Festival and will be screened on November 18 at 3 pm at the Byrd Theater in Richmond, Virginia. The Festival stems from a passion and desire for indigenous languages, cultures, and societies to thrive. The Festival strives to bring together artists, authors, filmmakers, and actors willing to share, teach, and explain their creativity and history.

Defending the Fire Screening at Māoriland Film Festival, March 2018

A Thousand Voices

Our newest documentary, Defending the Fire, was chosen as one of the Official Selections for the Maoriland Film Festival in New Zealand and was screened on March 23. The Māoriland Film Festival is an incredible 5-day festival highlighting the stories and struggles of indigenous peoples from around the world.

Defending the Fire free screening, March 22

Silver Bullet Productions acknowledges and thanks LANL Foundation for their generous grant allowing the free public screening of our latest documentary, “Defending the Fire”, at the Reel Theatre in Los Alamos on Thursday evening March 22, 2018.

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Defending the Fire documentary DVD now available

Silver Bullet is honored to release our latest documentary Defending the Fire. The DVD is available for license or purchase. Please contact Pam Pierce via email or call 505-820-0552.

Our gratitude to the participants, advisors, artists and musicians, who used their voices to tell the story of the Warrior, past and present.

There will always be Warriors.

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Defending the Fire Premiere Screening

The sold out premiere of Defending the Fire celebrated current an future Warriors, with many Warriors in attendance. Thank you to the many supporters of this project, including San Manuel Tribe of Mission Indians; The Fort Sill Apache; and Pueblo of Pojoaque.

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Phillip and Jhane Myers

Phillip Myers, a young Warrior, student, and his mother, Jhane Myers, Comanche/Blackfeet, contemporary artist, film Producer, and Board of Directors member for Silver Bullet Productions. Each invested in living their culture, securing their traditions.

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Musician Raye Zaragoza

A Native American/Taiwanese singer songwriter, Raye shares her music with people throughout America. Her latest, “In the River: A Protest Song”, was dedicated to the Standing Rock Sioux. Listen. You can hear why we are touched by her music and honored to include her musical message in Defending the Fire.

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Tribal Advisors Selected

Silver Bullet Productions proudly thanks the tribal Advisors who will guide the next SBP documentary on the ancient Warrior. These tribal leaders, historians, and veterans are from the Pueblos Pojoaque, Acoma, Laguna, Santo Domingo, Santa Clara, Santa Felipe, Zuni, and Cochiti, and are Jicarilla Apache, Fort Sill Apache, Navajo, Mandan Hidatsu Nation, Lakota, and Commence/Blackfoot. The documentary will benefit from their cultural sensibilities, oral histories, and modern Warrior experience as veterans and leaders. It is the policy of Silver Bullet Productions to rely on the guidance of tribal Advisors.

The Advisors and Production team formally started the production process with a lunch at the beautiful La Mesita Ranch, Pojoaque Pueblo, on March 8th.

Thank you to Idak Fierro and Buffalo Thunder Hotel and Resort for being a contributing Sponsor.

Support for this project is made possible through the generous contributions of the following people and organizations:

SJ and Mildred Whalen Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Manisha Thakor
Patricia Whalen Hawley
Patrick T. Tanabe Family Fund

Starr Wolle Mayer
Cheryll Wolle Brounstein
Angela Wolle
C. Suzanne Landers

S. Denise McCrary
John Wilcynski
Jan Chavez Wilcynski
Judy and John Paul Miller
Jhane Myers

Neil Francis Smith Mescalero Apache;
Dr. Shadowwalker Mescalero Apache

Sgt. U.S. Army Patricia Cate, San Felipe Pueblo

Forrest Goodluck Dine, Hidatsa/Mandan/Tsimshian

We invite you to support this project, share in the pride that will come from completion of another quality use of film to engage students and communities, to shatter stereotypes, and to stimulate pride or changed perceptions. To find out more please contact Silver Bullet Productions at 505-820-0552 or