Statement of Purpose

Silver Bullet Productions’ purpose is to educate those in and out of New Mexico, including elected officials and non-Native Americans, about the urgency to protect tribal lands. The project includes a network-worthy documentary film as well as student and teacher filmmaking workshops. Always, the message is: All land is sacred.

What is SBP’s “Power of Place” project?

  • Network worthy documentary film and student/teacher workshops for tribal communities
  • Stories and history of physical sites connected to tribal identity, history, and ancestors
  • Power of place to indigenous people and beliefs in the natural world
  • ONLY places already known; no “secret place” or revelation of place
  • Obstacles to protecting the integrity of cultural sites on public lands
  • Voices of tribal experts, leaders, historians, attorneys guide the narrative
  • Education on the struggle to protect, history of place, legal precedent, treaties, agency policies and actions in order to raise awareness

How will selection of places and people be guided?

  • Advisors help guide the places to then seek permission and research on story and conflicts or risk
  • Permission from tribe or agency required
  • Participants guided by tribes and tribal Advisors
  • Essential stories combined with researched facts and footage ONLY with permission

Why do this project?

  • National monuments across 11 states are targeted and under attack by federal policies, development, companies, as well as errors caused by disrespect and ignorance
  • An attack on one place is an attack on all
  • Universal responsibility and message across state boundaries on tribal lands
  • Lands at peril include sacred lands, cultural artifacts, archaeological and historical sites
  • No other project has combined research, facts, stories, and compelling information for public education as well as tribal use and government awareness

In particular, how will the documentary film for this project be used?

  • Like all SBP documentaries, this film’s purpose is to educate, enlighten, alter perceptions, and empower the audience to make choices of respect toward land, and elect leaders who will do the same
  • Film audience will include PBS, tribal and non-tribal communities, students and schools, government agencies (state and federal), film festivals

How can you help?

  • Sponsor this project with grants and funds; no filming until budget is met
  • Support fundraising events and efforts
  • Suggest foundations, tribes, communities who have shared interests in the outcome
  • Come to screenings of the completed documentary
To find out more please contact Silver Bullet Productions at 505-820-0552 or