“Thank you all again for the opportunity to be a part of the process of learning and leadership. It has greatly helped me get through high school, aided me in peer education, and has helped me find other ways to get youth involved in prevention and intervention strategies. You and your crew are the best! I hope you all know you are appreciated not only by me but all of the rural and tribal communities you have helped out, the work you are all doing is phenomenal and a great way for Natives to get the word out on different topics. Keep up the amazing work”

—Latisha (Student)





Free Public Screening of A Thousand Voices

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 6:30 pm

Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino
Pueblo of Pojoaque
Pueblo Ballroom

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion and audience Q & A


“A Thousand Voices” comes from the proverb “It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story” and is the journey of New Mexico’s Native American women from creation to now.  The voices of past and present strong tribal women mingle and lead us from the power inherent from the beginning of time, through the history of European, Mexican and United States invasion, past Boarding schools and imprisonment, to the reaffirmation of the beauty and strength and vigor that sustains the culture and language of New Mexican Tribes. 

Narrated by star of screen and television, Native American actress Irene Bedard.

A significant part of each of SBP’s documentaries is student participation in the creation of a Discussion Guide. The young women of Pueblo of Pojoaque will be joining the  SBP Education Committee to create this curricular piece that becomes the teaching arm of “A Thousand Voices.”

Thank you to Santa Fe Audio Visual for their donation.

download flyer




Truth in Story Telling
Two Perspectives: Writer and Director

Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 5:30 pm

Inn and Spa at Loretto
211 Old Santa Fe Trail

Honorary Hosting Committee:

Robert Redford, Charmay Allred, Dr. Robert Martin and Luci Tapahonso, Maura Dhu and Wes Studi, Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, Anne and Hampton Sides, Governor George and Felicia Rivera, Senator Tom and Jill Copper Udall, Ali MacGraw, Senator Martin and Julie Heinrich, Secretary of Indian Affairs Arthur Allison










Silver Bullet Productions put on an evening of engaging conversation with Native American Director Chris Eyre and writer Bruce McKenna, facilitated by best selling author, Valerie Plame Wilson.

Three talented New Mexicans, recognized for their gifts worldwide, have created complex and unforgettable stories and characters.

Chris Eyre, Cheyenne and Arapaho, is director, producer and Chair of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design prestigious Film Department. He is the award winning director of riveting films such as the We Shall Remain series, Thief of Time, Skinwalkers, and Smoke Signals.

Bruce McKenna, award winning writer and co-producer, is the genius behind the mini series The Pacific, and writer of the televisions series Band of Brothers. Bruce is also a scholar of United States history and Russian and Soviet Intelligence.

Moderating this lively discussion was Valerie Plame Wilson. A former career covert CIA officer, Valerie is the author of New York Times best selling memoire Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the While House, and fictional spy thriller Blowback. Valerie serves the community on various Boards and advocates for public school reform. valerieplamewilson.com

Silver Bullet thanks noted artist Anthony Lovato, Kewa (Santa Domingo) for creating unique and personal gifts for the speakers and auctioneers for our May 31 event. His jewelry and metalwork is formed by tufa casting. The design is done backwards. The silver is melted and poured “backwards” so the design becomes a positive image on the silver with fine sand grains as the natural gesture to the silver. Anthony’s works can be purchased at the Keshi store in Santa Fe at 227 Don Gaspar. What a special gift to those outstanding speakers at the 2014 gala.

A special thank you to all sponsors, donors, and guests for making the Silver Bullet Productions event on May 31 a complete success! In particular, thank you to each Sponsor listed below.


Inn and Spa at Loretto, Santa Fe


The Dan and Ashlyn Perry Charitable Foundation


United Airlines


KSFR 101.1 FM

ultiMED ultiSkin

KRSN - Kommunity Radio Station Now, AM 1490, FM 107.1
Institute of American Indian Arts

Artisan - The art supply source of the Southwest

Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino

Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship

Los Alamos National Bank

Tsay Corporation
Tsay Corporation



We appreciate the special support of Table Sponsors
(in no particular order)

Dan and Ashlyn Perry
Charmay Allred
Santa Fe University School for Art and Design
Sotheby’s Real Estate Santa Fe, Johnny Gillespie


Major Donors
(in no particular order)

Michele Behar Reich
George Rivera
Star York
Siri Hollander, Hollander Gallery
United Airlines
Inn and Spa at Loretto
Toadlena Trading Post
Patricia Michaels
Rose B. Simpson
Patrick and Patty Carter
Dan Perry and Ashlyn Perry
Maureen and Bruce McKenna
Chris Eyre
Valerie Plame Wilson
Brian Egolf
Anne and Hampton Sides
Ann and Tim Maxwell

(in no particular order)

Dr. Greg and Angie Yan Schaaf, Carol and David LaRotonda, Aerotonda, Debora Barrett, The Club At Las Campanas,Wayne Motts, Gino Hollander, El Meze Restaurant, Anne Hillerman and Don Strel, Santa Fe Culinary Academy, Los Alamos Historical Society, Stephanie Benson, O'Keeffe Museum, Ghost Ranch, Patina Gallery, Bodhi Bazaar, Jinja Bar and Bistro, Ricardo Cate, Spirit of the Earth, Jett Gallery, Tom Taylor Custom Belts, Buckles, Accessories, Arroyo Vino, Patricia Michaels, Lori Snable, Ali MacGraw, Federico, American Indian Jewelry, Nocona Burgess, Bill Worrell, Estella Loretto, Antony Lovato, Ricardo Cate, Santa Fe School of Cooking & Market, Karen Melfi Collection, Dave Robinson, Teena Robinson, John “MAC” Read, Mavericks on the Plaza, Cupcake Clothing, Native Jackets, Etc., Neal Frank, Santa Fe Pens, William Siegal Gallery, Paula Rhae McDonald, Karen Whitmore, Laura Fragua-Cota, Stephen Wall, Charlotte Jackson, Kathy Whitman (Elk Woman), “Created From the Heart”, Marlene Schwalie, Kimi Ginoza Green, Adams County Winery, Santa Fe Tequila Co, Irene Bedard, James Getty Hotel, Institute of American Indian Arts, Melissa Cody (alumni), Jonathan Grossman, Director Event Technology, PSAV, Inn At Laguna Beach, Lela Kaskalla and Roderick Kaskalla, Frank BuffaloHyde, Trudy Upshaw, Bill McMillan, Tricia Bass,Peggy Gautier, Jim Gautier, Ed Sandoval, Maura and Wes Studi, Jon Houglum, Chuck Ferran, High Desert Landscaping, Robbie O'Neill Cultural Treasures Tour, NM Tour Guide Tom Gallegos, Genesis Spa and Pool Supply, Hauser Estate Winery, Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards, Jan and John Wilcynski,Edward Andonian, Jewelry District, 510 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA, Larry Clyde, Silk Road Collections Inc, 112 W San Francisco Street #110 Santa Fe, NM, Santo Domingo Indian Trading Post, Old Town, 401 San Felipe NW, Albuquerque NM, India House Restaurant, 2501 Cerrillos Rd., Ortega’s, on the Plaza, ONYX, Anonymous


Special Acknowledgments

Robert W. Pierce, John Hufnagle, Larry Clyde, Charmay Allred, Erik Berntsen, Guin White, Dana McIntosh, Bill Platte, Matthew Roybal, Anthony Lovato, Jonathan Grossman, CloudBridge, MaryEllen Collins, Richard Kellner

Thank you for supporting cultural and educational projects in New Mexico.


Screenings of CANES OF POWER

There have been multiple local screenings and broadcasts of CANES OF POWER which include:

  • The Southwest Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) held a screening during Indian Market on August 15 at the New Mexico History Museum.
  • On September 8 CANES OF POWER was screened by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC. Seven of New Mexico's Pueblo Governors and as well as other tribal leaders joined SBP's production team, Wes and Maura Studi, Senator Tom Udall and Jill Cooper Udall, as well as Washington members of agencies, foundations, educators and filmmakers, for a celebration of the message from Silver Bullet's new film CANES OF POWER. A reception on the 4th floor of the beautiful National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) was sponsored by Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, The Dan and Ashlyn Perry Charitable Foundation, and Silver Bullet. The screening of the film at the Museum theatre met with enthusiastic support. A panel discussion focused on the need for more education projects like the Canes and the important issues of sovereignty. We thank the generosity of our co-sponsors, and the gracious support of the Smithsonian NMAI. We acknowledge the special guests of the evening Governor Shije (Pueblo of Zia), Governor Rivera (Pueblo of Pojoaque), Governor Vicente (Pueblo of Acoma), Governor Quintana (Pueblo de Cochiti), Governor Lovato (Ohkay Owingeh), Governor Perez (Pueblo of Nambe), Governor Quintana (Pueblo of Santo Domingo), Lt. Governor Pecos (Cochiti), Lt. Governor Aquino, and tribal leader Peter Pino (Zia).
  • In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (MIAC) presented a screening of Silver Bullet Productions’ CANES OF POWER in their theatre on Sunday, November 4 and 7, 2012, which included a panel discussion.
  • PBS/KNME broadcast CANES OF POWER in their three state viewer area (New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado), on November 8.
  • The Santa Fe Film Festival screened the film on December 8 at the New Mexico History Museum Theater (www.santafefilmfestival.com)

This is tremendous visibility for a very good film!


Canes of Power DVD

Click here to buy this DVD now


John Nichols, author of Milagro Beanfield Wars, Missing, On the Mesa, and Sterile Cuckoo, offers his comments about CANES OF POWER:

“Canes of Power is a beautifully filmed documentary that tells the story of Pueblo sovereignty along the Rio Grande. It is at once a fascinating history lesson and a passionate argument for Native Americans’ control over their own destiny. The many Pueblo voices who speak here are dignified, resolute, very sharp, and also compassionate. The canes of authority, which passed from one sovereign nation to others in New Mexico under Spanish conquest, then Mexican takeover, and finally during the American invasion, are symbolic of a people’s resolve to abide on their own terms in their own country.

The film provides a unique insight into Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and into the personality of the Pueblo tribes who have steadfastly, over centuries, negotiated their freedom and sovereignty with different invaders. Modern issues of Pueblo governing and cultural change are also addressed at length.

Canes of Power is an eye opener, a valuable instruction, and a moving portrait of a people and of their remarkable homelands. A must-see for every student of New Mexico history, and for anyone seeking to learn how we all should deal with the planet we live on if we wish to salvage a positive future.

It is really a clean and powerful and instructive work of art.”





“Once again you have produced a marvelous documentary film that fills a very important educational crevasse. I have to say that the story line and blending of on-camera int erviews is very compelling. Congratulations on a very significant educational achievement for New Mexico and the U.S. Silver Bullet Productions and Lightningwood Pictures sure do fit well together.”

“Mazel tov! Your film enlightens all who seek to comprehend the complex relationships and history of New Mexico - and is a moving culmination of your vision and journey of discovery. Bravo.”

“This film is germane to ALL cultures that reside in our America. It poetically explains the formal sovereignty and ancestral dignity of our native New Mexican pueblos, shedding overdue light on their sacred, historical and arduous journey in time.”


Initial Screening of CANES OF POWER

April 11, 2012

Silver Bullet Productions and the Institute of American Indian Arts were proud to host the premiere of CANES OF POWER, Wednesday, April 11, 2012, at 5:30 pm at the IAIA Theatre. It was a “standing room only” event!


Canes of Power Screening on April





March 31, 2011 Reception

Ancient Pathways - Modern Leaders


On March 31, Silver Bullet Productions hosted a fund raising event at La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe to support the development of a new documentary film, CANES OF POWER. Silver Bullet acknowledges and thanks major supporters of this event and of the proposed film, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and Western Art & Architecture Magazine. A special thanks goes to Charmay Allred for her very generous underwriting of the reception, as well as to the speakers and presenters: Conroy Chino (Acoma), Wes Studi (Cherokee), Governor Randall Vicente (Acoma), Governor Marcellus Medina (Zia), JoAnn Melchor (Santo Domingo), and Dr. Matthew Martinez (Ohkay Owingeh).

Silver Bullet Productions is indebted to our CANES OF POWER Honorary Committee: Michael McGarrity, Maura Studi, Wes Studi, Bruce McKenna, Hampton Sides, Kirk Ellis, Ali MacGraw, Representative Brian Egolf, Kelly Egolf, Gov. George Rivera (Pojoaque), Mayor David Coss, and Joe Garcia (Ohkay Owingeh). We further recognize the hard work of the Reception Committee of Charlene Kellner, Gayle Wein, Brad Jones, Dottie Shively, Jan Chavez-Wilcynski, Patricia Link, Nick Durrie and Pam Pierce.