Truth in Story Telling

Two Perspectives: Writer and Director

Saturday, May 31, 2014
Inn and Spa at Loretto

Honorary Hosting Committee:

Robert Redford, Charmay Allred, Dr. Robert Martin and Luci Tapahonso, Maura Dhu and Wes Studi, Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, Anne and Hampton Sides, Governor George and Felicia Rivera, Senator Tom and Jill Copper Udall, Ali MacGraw, Senator Martin and Julie Heinrich, Secretary of Indian Affairs Arthur Allison


Silver Bullet Productions put on an evening of engaging conversation with Native American Director Chris Eyre and writer Bruce McKenna, facilitated by best selling author, Valerie Plame Wilson.

Three talented New Mexicans, recognized for their gifts worldwide, have created complex and unforgettable stories and characters.

Chris Eyre, Cheyenne and Arapaho, is director, producer and Chair of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design prestigious Film Department. He is the award winning director of riveting films such as the We Shall Remain series, Thief of Time, Skinwalkers, and Smoke Signals.

Bruce McKenna, award winning writer and co-producer, is the genius behind the mini series The Pacific, and writer of the televisions series Band of Brothers. Bruce is also a scholar of United States history and Russian and Soviet Intelligence.

Moderating this lively discussion was Valerie Plame Wilson. A former career covert CIA officer, Valerie is the author of New York Times best selling memoir Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the While House, and fictional spy thriller Blowback. Valerie serves the community on various Boards and advocates for public school reform.

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Silver Bullet thanks noted artist Anthony Lovato, Kewa (Santa Domingo) for creating unique and personal gifts for the speakers and auctioneers. His jewelry and metalwork is formed by tufa casting. The design is done backwards. The silver is melted and poured “backwards” so the design becomes a positive image on the silver with fine sand grains as the natural gesture to the silver. Anthony’s works can be purchased at the Keshi store in Santa Fe at 227 Don Gaspar. What a special gift to those outstanding speakers at the 2014 gala.