“A Thousand Voices” was awarded Best Documentary Feature at the 40th American Indian Film Festival on Nov. 14, 2015 in San Francisco.

Thank you to the AIFF for this honor. Congratulations to all who were nominated.

Veronica Tiller (one of the wonderful women in the film) was there to accept the award on behalf of Pamela Pierce, Director and Producer of this documentary:

“I am most honored to except this prestigious award for Pamela Pierce of Silver Bullet Productions of Santa Fe. As producer and director of this film, I know that if she were here, she would want to thank all her supporters, sponsors, crew, staff, writers for helping make this film possible. Most of all, I know she would want to thank all the Native women of NM from the Pueblo, Apache, and Navajo Tribes—and some men (for which I got some laughter) for sharing their stories. Lastly, I know she would want to thank the American Indian Film Institute for this award.”